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Another client favourite and superb quality apparel; High quality blank garments designed for screen- printing and embroidery - perfect for team wear.


Quality branding products from Legend Life.
Featuring Stormtech & Swiss Digital.


"Sweat the small stuff. No matter the size of your business, it’s important to pay attention to the details."

- Blake Annable, Founder and President, Stormtech.
Stormtech extreme gear for the professionals, business uniforms, corporates, performance apparel & casual wear.

"AS Colour designs and manufactures quality basics. We believe in taking our time when it comes to every product we make. We only design and produce premium apparel that we feel will stand the test of time. Our products are guided by these key principles: Quality is key. Respect the details. Keep it simple."


JB's Wear has a vast range of quality apparel & footwear. Apparel for leisure, business, sports, school, hospitality, workwear & PPE.

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With a distribution network spanning ALL of New Zealand, the Headwear Professionals have got you covered. We have been providing the best quality caps and hats in the industry since 1974, with service to match. No one can compete with the depth and breadth of our stock range.

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A PEROS umbrella is recognised as a quality umbrella. RAINBRELLA is our brand name for hand held rain umbrellas.


High quality sports & work wholesale garments made from cutting edge breathable, anti-bacterial materials at an affordable price.

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Esko is New Zealand’s own premium safety products brand.

Behind the brand stands years of experience, manufacturing and supplying safety products designed to stand between humans and harm in some of New Zealand’s most challenging industries; agricultural, automotive, civil, industrial, marine, and manufacturing. We also help keep our country’s roads, and the people who drive and work on them, safer.

As a result, some of New Zealand’s largest companies trust Esko safety products to protect their most important asset, their employees.

As a staunchly Kiwi-owned, intergenerational company, we’re always looking to innovate, while respecting our past. Because we take our responsibility to workers, companies, and suppliers seriously, Esko only stock quality, accredited products.

At the end of the day, our job is to help get everyone home safe. You can rely on us for that.


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As leaders in innovative, wearable, and durable safety workwear, safety clothing, and safety footwear, we have built our success through dedication to provide the best products. Combine this with our full offering of safety advice and exceptional service, we continue to prove Argyle’s reputation is well deserved.