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Returns policy for electrical goods

18. Defects and Returns for electrical goods:

18.1 The Customer must inspect the Goods upon Delivery and notify BSCLNZ of any alleged defects, shortages in quantity, damage, or failure to comply with the description or quote within seven (7) days of Delivery (time being of the essence).

18.2 BSCLNZ must be allowed to inspect the Goods if the Customer believes they are defective.

18.3 If the Customer fails to comply with the inspection and notification provisions, the Goods will be presumed free from defects or damage.

18.4 If defective Goods are accepted for return as agreed in writing by BSCLNZ, BSCLNZ's liability is limited to replacing or repairing the Goods at BSCLNZ 's discretion.

18.5 Goods can only be returned if BSCLNZ has agreed in writing to accept the return and if certain conditions are met, including returning the Goods at the Customer's cost within fourteen (14) days of the Delivery date and in the original condition with all packaging, accessories, and documentation.

18.6 Unopened, non-defective software, games, and DVD movies may be returned to BSCLNZ within fourteen (14) days of the ship date for replacement with the same title.

18.7 The risk of damage or loss of return shipments is the Customer's responsibility, and the Customer must insure the Goods before Delivery.

18.8 BSCLNZ may, at its discretion, accept the return of Goods for credit, but this may incur a handling fee of twenty percent (20%) of the value of the returned Goods plus any freight.

18.9 Non-stocklist items or Goods made to the Customer's specifications are not acceptable for credit or return.

18.10 All goods must be returned in the condition in which they were delivered and with all packaging material, brochures, original UPC codes on the manufacturer’s boxes, instruction material and manuals, blank warranty cards, other accessories and documentation provided by the manufacturer in as new condition as is reasonably possible in the circumstances;

18.11 and with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number. The Customer can obtain an RMA number by emailing BSCLNZ at

Return of Goods for Credit or Refund

Credit/Refund returns:

  • They are accepted based on the reason for return, and returns are the decision of BSCLNZ. Simple reasons like I did not want this anymore are unacceptable for return. Full credit is accepted for goods that have not been opened and for items that have undamaged packaging; full credits are only accepted for items within seven days after delivery to the customer. Any unopened and un-damaged goods outside of the 7-day return policy cannot be returned for credit unless BSCLNZ allows the return with a restocking fee based on an exceptional circumstance (BSCLNZ makes this decision). If accepted back, there is a 20% restocking fee, The maximum return period that may be accepted with a 20% restocking fee is 14 days (no longer) from your delivery.

  • The restocking fee could be totally dependent on the product and situation. (BSCLNZ makes Final Decision)

  • BSCLNZ has the right to refuse a refund on opened packages and packages outside of the 7-day return policy. Opened packages within the 7-day return policy may be accepted back if BSCLNZ wishes to stock the item as a second (this decision is totally up to BSCLNZ). Opened and used returns incur a restocking fee of 30% to 50%.

  • The software must be returned for something other than Credit. This is due to copyright regulations.

  • Incompatibility issues are your responsibility as the customer. If you are still determining the compatibility of a device, we recommend you contact us first before purchasing or investigating it with the manufacturer of your device.

  • We charge a restocking fee on returns because we want customers to refrain from purchasing from us on a try-before-buy basis.

  • The restocking fee only is applicable when the item is outside of the returns period or is damaged or used. We then need to re-sell this as a clearance item at a loss in price.

  • All products must be returned with all accessories and packaging. We cannot accept back any product that is missing packaging or accessories.


Faulty Returns:

  • All BSCLNZ products specify the warranty associated with them; if no warranty is specified, please check with BSCLNZ for warranty details.

  • All hardware usually has a one-year warranty or more.

  • Software, toners, cartridges, paper, etc, do not have warranties.

  • The software will usually have a tech support phone line with the manufacturer.

  • Faulty returns are covered by either BSCLNZ or the manufacturer, depending on the product. For example, if it is an HP item with an Onsite or RTB warranty, the support will be direct with the HP NZ support line.

  • BSCLNZ will advise you of your warranty procedures when you fill in our return form or feel free to contact us and ask.

  • Please don't send items directly to BSCLNZ. All returns must go directly to the service agent's address that BSCLNZ supplies with a valid return number.

Faulty Repair and Replacement

  • All faulty repairs and replacements go directly to the service provider and are repaired or replaced under warranty. Only items within their warranty period can be covered under warranty.

  • The warranty period starts from the invoice date (not the delivery time).

  • Products outside the warranty period cannot be returned for repair or replacement.

  • Software cannot be faulty – . There are no faulty returns for software. Any faults with the software will have to do with the user's computer. We suggest contacting the software provider to assist.

  • BSCLNZ does not do forward replacements unless you are a special commercial customer with a trading history with BSCLNZ #Special- faulty refunds. It is possible, depending on the product, the warranty offered, and how long you have had the item; in general, faulty refunds on products will be accepted up to 14 days from the invoice. However, not all items can come back for faulty refund (faulty refunds are the decision of BSCLNZ)

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