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What is your sport?

Our advanced sublimated sports apparel is now available to help you reach your full potential while looking great. At BSCLNZ, our sublimated sportswear is designed to seamlessly merge comfort, functionality, and eye-catching designs.


Our gear is built to enhance your athletic abilities and optimise your performance on the field or court, whether you're a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. Our sublimation printing technique allows for complete customisation, so you can create a unique look that reflects your team's values, style, or brand identity. Our sublimated sportswear is available in vibrant colours and intricate designs to ensure you stand out.


We use advanced moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and dry even during intense workouts. The lightweight and breathable materials provide unrestricted movement, giving you the freedom to excel in your chosen sport. Our sublimated sports apparel is built to last, with the dye-sublimation process infusing the ink into the fabric, creating a bond that won't fade, crack, or peel.


We offer a diverse range of sublimated sports apparel, including jerseys, shorts, pants, hoodies, and more for sports like basketball, football, baseball, rugby, and beyond. Outfit your entire team with our unified sublimated sports apparel to foster team spirit and a sense of camaraderie. When your team takes the field in matching, custom-designed gear, you'll look formidable and feel connected, ready to take on any challenge together.


As a company committed to sustainability, we use eco-friendly practices, including using environmentally friendly inks and significantly reducing water wastage with our dye-sublimation printing process. Our streamlined ordering process ensures a hassle-free experience. Please provide us with your design ideas or collaborate with our talented design team to bring your vision to life. Once the design is finalised, our efficient production team will deliver your customised sports apparel within a reasonable timeframe.


At BSCLNZ, we understand that the right gear can make all the difference in sports. Elevate your game with our premium sublimated sports apparel, where style meets performance, and success becomes second nature. Join the ranks of elite athletes and teams who trust us for their sporting needs. Discover the power of sublimation and let your sportswear tell your unique story. Are you ready to unleash your potential?

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