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Retrofitted frame

The retrofit range is used when no structural profile is required, like installing into a window space or cavity. It gives maximum impact with minimal fuss by allowing you to screw a minimal 'no-frills' frame profile directly to the existing structure with no need for brackets or large heavy weight profiles.

The most popular retro-fit fabric display is integrated into cabinetry as a non-lit display or an illuminated light-box. Installing even large run graphics into event facilities, showrooms, hotels, and office blocks has never been so simple, effective or easy to update.

Once you have the retro-fit frame installed; the amazing OneFrame fabric SEG silicone edge graphics can then be easily attached, new skins created and then changed out yourself when required, with no specialist assistance. Storage of old graphic skins is compact, easy and crease-resistant, unlike old school paper posters.

Retrofitted frame
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