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Portable light-box in a bag

The OneFrameGO portable light-box is the ultimate modular fabric tension light-box system in the market today. It gives total freedom to design for your brand while knowing it is easily moved and will work for any given event, night or day.

From a technical standpoint, the OneFrameGO ultimate fabric tension exhibition systems are a next-generation fabric skin and frame interlocking system. This is the solution for a fast and efficient installation on-site that can be reused (and re-configured) for future events or presentations. OneFrameGo fabric light-box deliver large tiled visual displays that maximise your space and give visual impact to trump the structures around you.

The modular frames are robust in construction and engineered from plastic to keep weight to a minimum. This tool-free system ensures the build and breakdown of the light-box system remains simple and hassle-free. Fabric printed skins are crease-resistant and easy to change as required. Both single or double-sided illuminated light-box applications are possible with the same frame ensuring you get the best value from the outset.

The OneFrame-GO portable light-box system is hassle-free, tool-free, portable, cost-effective and maintains the integrity of your brand with no compromise.

Portable light-box in a bag
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