One Frame

Signage for professionals, businesses, corporates, clubs & organisations

OneFrame is the ultimate New Zealand made fabric tension display system; lightweight, easy to use, modern, affordable and sustainable. It uses a contemporary, sleek aluminium frame with interchangeable fabric skins stretched to perfectly fit the custom-built frames.

The OneFrame system is made up of a range of carefully designed recyclable aluminium profiles for countless applications, sizes and design possibilities. This lightweight framing system is then paired with vibrant and precisely printed stretch fabric skins, using a dye sublimation process. These skins can be changed and replaced, quickly, easily and with minimal cost, making this system a sustainably focused signage solution as well as a cost-effective option against traditional brand frame solutions.

3D Frame

3D executions are favoured for suspended overhead signage in exhibition and retail environments. Add in light box style illumination and the easy change SEG silicone edge replacement textile graphics and you’ll have everyone looking up.

Acoustic frame

OneFrame fabric acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels placed on walls or ceilings to control and reduce noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room. The objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality with sound absorbing panels.

Curved frame

OneFrame curved profiles are used predominantly in overhead and wall structures as it ensures there are no “dead corners”. Customised archways can also be built using curved profiles, breaking up the monotony of the traditional straight lines.

Custom made frame

The beauty of the OneFrame fabric signage system is the multiple options you have to make it fit your display space, environment or requirement. To be this flexible, we make your signage solution to order. No one size fits all approach here... just personalised service and perfect outcomes.

Double-sided frame

Two-sided OneFrame is very popular as a media wall delivering the ideal celebrity photo backdrop or event signage option delivering twice the amount of information to twice the amount of people. Also super-effective in the exhibition environment as free-standing branded petitioning walls, simultaneously educating those on your stand and those walking by.

Free-standing frame

Typically used in an event or exhibition scenario, free-standing fabric printed OneFrame executions tend to be more temporary in nature but used multiple times. Free-standing allows freedom of placement and the freedom to change your mind on placement, the lightweight execution means it is easy to move around.

Illuminated light-box frame

Humans are attracted to light and signage solutions are no exceptions. Whether it’s a single-sided display, or a multi-sided fully illuminated shape or form, the light will lift any execution and draw people's attention to your message.

Portable light-box in a bag

The OneFrameGO portable light-box is the ultimate modular fabric tension light-box system in the market today. It gives total freedom to design for your brand while knowing it is easily moved and will work for any given event, night or day.

Retrofitted frame

The retrofit range is used when no structural profile is required, like installing into a window space or cavity. It gives maximum impact with minimal fuss by allowing you to screw a minimal 'no-frills' frame profile directly to the existing structure with no need for brackets or large heavy weight profiles.

Single-sided frame

Available as both illuminated and non-illuminated, the single-sided range of OneFrame fabric displays are the most simple and versatile of all the profiles. With a simple aluminium frame and dye-sublimated printed fabric skin, you are sure to make an impact. Depending on the size, the frame can be pre-assembled or assembled onsite and can be wall-mounted, free-standing or suspended.

Suspended frame

With a high stud ceiling height, comes a display opportunity. The consumer in us all has been trained now to look up for directions when in retail environments or public spaces, so tap into that consumer behaviour and use the space above to hang an SEG fabric frame display, educate and guide.

Wall mounted frame

When space is a premium OneFrame wall-mounted signage is a solid solution made from lightweight aluminium frames with dye-sublimated fabric graphics, these can be hung on most walls with the correct fixings, no matter what surface.

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