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Screen-Printed Transfers

Following a similar process to screen printing with the use of a meshed screen, your graphics are printed onto a heat transferable paper. An adhesive powder is added to the final colour to Crystallise the ink and allow for Application onto your medium.
Each Colour of your design is printed separately on individual screens therefore resulting in a single or multicoloured print.
All Multi-Colour prints require a Clear adhesive ink to bind those colours together the adhesive powder is added to this clear adhesive.
Most single color prints can have the adhesive powder applied directly and does not require the Clear adhesive ink. Colours will need to be separated and printed individually and vectored artwork is by far the best and easiest artwork to work with.

For pricing and ordering send your artwork to Us with a bit of information such as:
Size of prints.
Required Quantity of prints.
Material and colour they would be branded on.

Set up:
We require vector artwork, AI, CDR, EPS, or PDF.
Please convert fonts to curves/paths or supply font files with your order.
Vectored artwork is by far the best and easiest artwork to work with however, it is not possible with photographs that are highly toned/ gradient filled graphics.
If your supply Bitmap artwork, acceptable formats are JPG & TIF and most other common pixel based extensions. All Bitmap images must be at least 300 DPI at your requested print size.

Application instructions:
Set machine temp. To 165C Prepress garment for 5 seconds.
Remove White beaded cover from transfer.
Place the transfer in position on the garment.
Apply heat for 5-8 seconds, using light/ med.
Cool for 1-2 seconds (maximum) then remove the backing paper.
Repress using a teflon cover sheet for 3-4 seconds.

Pricing is determined on the number units required. Please fill out the quote form below to get a fully inclusive quote.

Lead times:
Depending on work load, new jobs once approval has been accepted and/or goods have arrived can be up to 10 working days.
Repeat orders can be up to 7 working days.

Screen-Printed Transfers
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